ResQuant and Cybernetica showcase breakthrough in post-quantum cryptography

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ResQuant, a trailblazer in hardware-based Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC), in collaboration with Cybernetica has successfully demonstrated a major advancement in hardware cryptography at the Embedded World 2024 Trade Show. The two companies displayed the interoperability of ResQuant’s hardware FPGA PQC and Cybernetica’s software implementations of PQC algorithms.

The demonstration involved ResQuant’s FPGA hardware generating and managing encrypted public and private keys, which were then seamlessly verified and utilised by Cybernetica’s software, showcasing robust interoperability between differing implementations of PQC technologies. This proof of concept not only validated the functional compatibility of hardware and software solutions but also reinforced the potential of PQC to secure digital communications against the emerging threat posed by quantum computing. This cooperation, and the recent advancements in PQC technology, have been supported by the Horizon Europe CHESS project.

Cybernetica has been implementing PQC solutions in software for the Estonian government and is a pioneer in secure digital services, including secure data exchange and e-governance solutions. Their ongoing development of the CDOC2 standard, which incorporates PQC, represents a crucial evolution in protecting national and corporate data infrastructures. Currently, Cybernetica is working on a new version of the CDOC encryption solution that will bring wider usability

ResQuant is at the forefront of developing PQC IP Cores for hardware integration, compliant with the USA National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) PQC standards. The company’s offerings currently include full NIST PQC IP Core operational on FPGA, with plans to extend these developments into System-on-a-Chip (SoC) implementations for ASIC in the future. This approach is aimed at providing future-proof cryptographic security in sectors such as IoT, ICT, automotive, and military, with notable clients including European Space Agency (ESA) projects.

The collaboration between ResQuant and Cybernetica exemplifies a pivotal step forward in making robust cryptographic solutions that are quantum-resistant, ensuring the security and privacy of digital communications well into the future. The success of this PoC opens avenues for future integrations across various technology platforms, promising enhanced security solutions for an increasingly interconnected world.

About ResQuant

ResQuant specializes in the development of Post-Quantum Cryptography IP Cores designed for hardware implementation, providing cutting-edge security solutions that meet stringent industry standards.