SplitKey recognised by Cybernews

At Cybernetica, providing secure, integrated processes, mission-critical software, and systems that are proven and reliable is what we do best.
Being recognized as a leader in the industry is always a great honour since we always strive to provide the most advanced, and the most secure, products in our field. We have once again proven this fact by having SplitKey named among the best authentication solutions of Cybernews.
Cybenews is a research-based online publication covering all the latest cyber-world related news from suggestions on how to choose the best VPN to the latest cyber war news .

People living in the Baltic states know SplitKey technology best by the authentication app Smart-ID. Estonian Smart-ID can be used for any e-service authentication that has been integrated with the Smart-ID network, as well as digital signing. Latvian and Lithuanian users have only internet banking possibilities as of now.
Thanks to this technology, an authorised smart device is all you need to authenticate your identity or sign official documents.

Should you be interested in diving deeper into anything and everything about cyber topics, we strongly suggest to keep an eye on Cybernews.