UXP to be implemented in one of the largest northern states of Brazil

Pixellated Brazilian flag

Cybernetica and Valid are set to implement Unified Exchange Platform (UXP) to one of Brazilian largest northern states.

The project aims to initiate comprehensive e-governance in the state, enhancing efficiency and accessibility of digital services for citizens as well as government. Under the strategic collaboration, Cybernetica’s global expertise in interoperability implementation will complement Valid’s local insights and capabilities to bring about impactful digital transformation of the Brazilian public sector.

"By implementing UXP alongside Valid's local Brazilian expertise, we are set to redesign the G2G, G2B and G2C communication, improving efficiency and transparency," noted Maksim Ovtšinnikov, Head of Data Exchange at Cybernetica. Additionally, this project will pilot the Portuguese-language UXP interface and manuals.

The new initiative aims to deploy a data exchange platform and provide multitude of services, such as consultation services for establishing an interoperability legal framework, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) between institutions, and the digitalisation of workflows based on best practices from Estonia and other countries around the world.

The project is set to be completed within one year. Success in this phase will serve as a foundation for further collaboration, with plans to extend UXP integration to additional institutions and Brazilian states.

The significance of this collaboration will be further emphasised at the upcoming e-Governance Conference 2024, where industry leaders, including experts of Cybernetica and Valid, will share insights and perspectives on the potential of digital transformation initiatives.