Cybernetica and Valid announce a strategic partnership to deploy UXP as a foundation for the Brazilian digital society

Ilson Bressan (Valid) and Oliver Väärtnõu (Cybernetica)

“We believe that together we have all the assets and capabilities to build one of the largest, if not the largest, digital government use-case in the world.”

Oliver Väärtnõu

Cybernetica and Valid announce the establishment of an exclusive technical and commercial partnership to jointly deploy an e-government platform, which takes into account international best practices, latest research and development artefacts and meets the highest digital governance requirements of Brazil. Valid is an integrator of secure identification solutions for the ID and digital government, banking and secure connectivity ecosystems. With the partnership between the two companies, Valid is now incorporating the UXP (Cybernetica’s Unified Exchange Platform) interoperability product into its digital solutions portfolio offering for the Brazilian market.

Cybernetica has over the years developed the UXP product to meet the demands of countries with larger populations, to offer greater scalability, performance and adaptability in the data exchange between organisations. Valid's role in the partnership is to localise the UXP product to the Brazilian market and make the platform part of the national infrastructure for providing digital services. The partnership will accelerate the local development of new digital solutions and help create the standards for the future of government and thus also the digital society in Brazil.

Oliver Väärtnõu, CEO of Cybernetica, stated: “We are proud to bring the UXP to a new major market like Brazil, alongside our references of Japan, Ukraine, Malaysia and others. When Cybernetica initialises its activities at a new market, we always look for a strong local partner to work alongside in advancing our solutions, according to the demands and realities of each location. In Brazil, a market with enormous potential, the partnership with Valid, a local trust powerhouse, is perfect match and a remarkable achievement by itself. We believe that together we have all the assets and capabilities to build one of the largest, if not the largest, digital government use-case in the world. We are excited about the impact that it will create on all levels of government, be it on a Federal, State or Municipal level.”

Ilson Bressan, Valid's Executive Director, responsible for the Valid ID Business Unit, is enthusiastic about the partnership: "Valid has in its DNA the search for innovation and self-disruption. Today, we are present in 14 states with several different solutions for the identification and digitalisation of government processes and citizen journeys. Now, together with Cybernetica, we have at our disposal the best interoperability backbone that meets the population, performance and scalability standards required by the Brazilian market. In the process, we searched the whole world for the most advanced solutions to accelerate the delivery of platforms and solutions that build the foundations of Brazil's digital society."

Additionally, Bressan stated: “The case of Estonia has proven that citizens can access 99% of the country's public services with just one document. Even though Brazil has very different realities, we believe in the enormous potential for efficiency and transparency for people, resulting, at the end of the day, in huge positive impacts on GDP. A study by the Inter-American Development Bank, based on the city of São Paulo, estimates that digitalising all municipal services would save R$2.4 billion. According to another study by McKinsey, digital identity has the potential to create economic value equivalent to 6% of GDP in emerging economies, reaching 13% in Brazil. If applied to Brazil's 2022 GDP (R$9.9 trillion), we would have the potential to generate value in the order of R$1.3 trillion. These are the efficiencies that Valid and Cybernetica in partnership are pursuing.”

Teams of Valid and Cybernetica
Teams of Valid and Cybernetica. Margus Freudenthal (middle row left), Adhele Tuulas (middle row 2nd left), Arne Ansper (middle row 3rd left), Oliver Väärtnõu (bottom row right).

About Valid

Valid is the largest secure identification company in Brazil, integrating solutions for the ID & Digital Government, Banking & Payment Methods and Secure Connectivity ecosystems. It is the leading issuer of official documents in Brazil, both physical and digital, accounting for 60% of ID cards and 80% of driver's licenses. It is the company best prepared for the changes that the digital transformation will bring about in the coming years, both in the public and private sectors. The company strives to maintain a startup mindset of adaptability and flexibility, seeking to constantly innovate and evolve in all the solutions it develops. Valid's technology and intelligence are found in identification documents, applications, credit cards, smartphones and in many transactions that Brazilians carry out every day.

Over more than 65 years of constant reinvention, Valid is organized into 3 business verticals: Valid ID - Identification Solutions - Physical, Digital and Phygital; Valid Mobile - Connectivity Solutions; and Valid Pay - Payment Solutions.
In 2022, the company achieved the best result in its history, reinforcing its positive expectations for the future. Today, it has more than 4,000 employees in 15 countries, working to offer a more fluid, connected, reliable and secure world.

Because the future of trust in Brazil runs through Valid.

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