Cybernetica 25: a huge team with a ton of variety

Katrina Kurg

HR Specialist

“I felt very included from the beginning and I love that initiative and motivation to learn are the primary expectations from an intern.”

Carmen Akkermann

Junior Analyst

At Cybernetica, we are proud of each and every employee and realise that people are our greatest resource. Currently, we have over 200 amazing people with us and due to constant growth plans our personnel increases month by month. We believe in giving everybody a chance – be it a university student applying for an internship or their very first job, or a professional with over a decade of expertise.
At our recent 25th Anniversary celebration, we honoured our long-time employees that have been with us 5, 10, 15 and 25 years – there were 18 people in total in this list, which is just under 10% of our entire staff. Just as important are all the young people we have on board and we do our part in helping them kickstart their careers – each year we welcome ambitious interns, both international and from Estonia, to our various departments who oftentimes stay with us later on a full-time job.
Let’s cut to the chase and let our own people do the talking about their experience with us.

Martin Kannel, Head of IT, has been with us for 15 years

Martin started with us as the very first Release Engineer, and had been working on this position till this year when he became the Head of IT.
„My favourite thing about Cybernetica are all the people that work with us. We have incredibly smart people on board and thanks to that you can always ask away anything you want,“ he said.

Martin cherishes the flexible working environment and is a great example of career growth within the company. „There are always ways of career growth and it’s good to see that the company takes into account employees’ visions in regards of their career plans,“ he commented.

Martin’s favourite memory is a team event from his Release Engineer era where the team went orienteering into the Kõrvemaa woods to find abandoned Soviet military machines that were discarded by the Finnish Defence Forces.


Martin (upper right corner) and his former colleagues from the Tax and Customs department.

Carmen Akkermann and Greete Salumets, started both as interns and became full-time employees

Carmen is a Junior Analyst in the Tax and Customs department and Greete is a Junior Recruiter in the HR department.
For both of them, the most attractive feature why they initially applied for an internship is the societal importance of Cybernetica’s work scope.
„My internship was organised very well and was super insightful. I got to work beside my colleague, from whom I got most of my current work-related knowledge. I felt very included from the beginning and I love that initiative and motivation to learn are the primary expectations from an intern,“ Carmen said.

„From the get-go, I got to work on all the same tasks that my full-time colleagues were working on. I felt very supported from my team throughout the internship and gained very insightful work expertise, as well as new acquaintances!” said Greete.
After completing their internships, both Carmen and Greete were well prepared to take on the full-time tasks. They both list similar things as their favourites about working at Cybernetica: friendly colleagues, motivating work environment along with all the perks, and that they are given full trust and responsibility in their tasks.

Representing the younger generation, for them the pay, either for internship or a full-time job, is not an exclusively important factor anymore. Like they both mentioned before, they were looking for a company that makes people’s lives easier or is useful for the society in general. Due to that, they were also looking for a position where the concrete tasks are useful and developing their skills further systematically.
“There are plenty of challenges along the road that allow you to grow professionally. For me, a cherry on top was the possibility to complete my BA thesis thanks to working here.” Carmen said.

Oftentimes, people find their way to us casually, but we are happy to see that they find their place with us and choose to stay with us.
Here’s to many more years of great cooperation and to all old and new colleagues!

PS – don’t forget to keep an eye on our careers page or get in touch with us if you think we might be a great fit.