Cybernetica has brought a new solution to the market: Managed UXP

What is Managed UXP?

Managed UXP is a version of Cybernetica’s well-known data exchange platform UXP, but in this case we take care of all the tasks that are usually considered as non-productive overhead by customers. This way the customer can focus on the core value of the UXP, which is data interoperability and the benefits it yields.

What are Cybernetica's responsibilities regarding Managed UXP?

Infrastructure (in the AWS cloud) - UXP can be deployed in the AWS region that corresponds to our customer needs. Our customers hardware configuration can be scaled up and down according to their needs. We also offer high availability and load balancing.
System maintenance - standardised system level configuration and management are done by our experienced developers team.
UXP software and trust services - our software management includes installation, updates, configuration and monitoring of UXP. We also offer archiving of the transaction log. For trust services we use timestamping and a Certification Authority are used.

What are the customer responsibilities regarding Managed UXP?

UXP has two types of customer organisations - Governing Authority of UXP eco-system and UXP member organisations. Customer responsibilities depend on their organisations.
Service management by UXP member organisations’ responsibilities include configuring SOAP/REST APIs to UXP, in case of problems debugging the logs that use integrations, managing access to services, publishing services implemented in UXP in the service directory, adopting services of other UXP members and accessing the timestamped transaction log.

Service management by Governing Authority of UXP eco-system include the identification of UXP members according to the policy, defining and applying policies for member management, auditing of configuration action of UXP, developing member relations, expanding the network and reviewing the network operations.
Customer can choose how to get started: Manage UXP Trial, Manage UXP Proof of Concept and Manage UXP Production.

What are the benefits of Managed UXP?

The biggest benefit is reduced complexity. Cybernetica deals with business-critical UXP software operations and maintenances, therefore our customers don't need to operate it, reducing risks. Managed services can be transferred between AWS and on-premise at any time. Managed UXP has increased productivity, because Cybernetica manages the UXP eco-system. Managed UXP also has increased resiliency. It is offered in AWS cloud and all of its resilience benefits come with the managed UXP. It has near infinite scalability.

Performance of the managed UXP can be dynamically increased as your business grows. UXP solutions can range from private corporate value chains to large countries. It also has the flexibility of operations model. If our standard Managed UXP packages do not cover your needs, we are happy to agree on the customer-specific scope of managed services.

Managed UXP has deployment flexibility and has completely isolated tenant environment in all levels - network, database and servers. UXP services can be deployed in the most suitable region for the customer since it has maximised availability. We take care of your organisation´s mission-critical business. Availability is configured according to the agreed managed UXP SLA. It also has standardised strong security. Strong cryptography is used to protect data in transit and to ensure long-term proof value of transactions. Managed UXP is built on AWS with its leading network and host security mechanisms.

Managed UXP Trial

Customer challenge
The set up and evaluation of the software is costly and time-consuming and it can be a challenge to have access to the software before committing resources to software and hardware.

Our solution
Therefore, we offer access to customers to Managed UXP environment that has zero investment by customer, installed demonstration or example services, "getting started" scenarios to have first hands-on experience with UXP and the possibility of a walk-through with our product specialist.

Customer benefits
Our customers can discover UXP benefits quickly. It usually takes a few hours to set up the Managed UXP ecosystem for Managed UXP trial and from few days to few weeks to try it out. It also comes with hands-on guided scenarios for the customer and is mostly a free service.

Managed UXP Proof of Concept

Customer challenge
It can be challenging to run proof of concept of data interoperability between organisations without procuring hardware, software and administering the software.

Our solution
We offer cloud-based isolated ecosystem setup for proof of concept of UXP-based data exchange project. The UXP ecosystem is administered by our experienced admins. It's also possible to add on-premise components to extend the solution to a hybrid setup. The full set of UXP products includes service management, service directory and governance. SQL2SOAP connector is also available for simpler integration of databases to UXP. We offer managed service according to agreed SLA. POC lasts usually between 6-24 months, often in many phases.

Customer benefits
Our customers don't need to procure software and hardware before committing to the solution and the migration from the proof of concept to production is relatively easy. Administration and maintenance of UXP software is done by experienced professionals. There's also no upfront investment. You can rely on pay as you go pricing, with precision of a month.

Managed UXP Production

Customer challenge
Managed UXP production had limited budget for upfront investment and limited resources at UXP member organisations for setting up and maintaining the UXP software solution. Additionally, the resilience of local infrastructure is not suitable for operation of mission-critical business functions.

Our solution
As a solution we recommend our customers to contact us for detail regarding the provided service level, certificates and pricing.

Customer benefits
UXP product improvements are free of charge. Managed UXP offers pay as you go pricing, with the precision of a month. Cybernetica lowers the prices given to the customers as the Managed UXP usage volumes grow. Managed UXP uses both, vertical and horizontal scaling of hardware. Our solution is based on highly reliable AWS cloud and our customers can customise it. They can select their region to optimise latency and to conform to data sovereignty regulations.


How can I get access to the Managed UXP?

  1. Contact our sales people.
  2. We learn your exact needs: your business case, number of organisations and scale of data exchange and security, privacy and governance requirements.
  3. We arrange the best Managed UXP option for you.

How is Managed UXP different from managed API management and iPaaS solutions?
UXP is a society-level integration tool. It has many features that are missing enterprise-grade software, but are vital for a modern digital society. For example:
· Governance of the organisation ecosystem
· End user data privacy: consent management and data access tracking
· Legally binding evidence of data exchange

How is Managed UXP support organised?
Cybernetica offers support for Managed UXP through support portal. Incident management is specified in Terms of Service.