From digital identity to privacy technologies - Cybernetica at Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona

This week we’re attending Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, one of the world’s largest mobile technology events. It’s the second time for Cybernetica to attend the event as part of the delegation of Estonian companies, showcasing the best in digital services, technologies and innovation.

Cybernetica has 25 years of experience not only in technologies but also consultancy, and our this year’s core offering at MWC is related to secure digital identities. However, we’re also sharing experience on how secure data exchange can be the stepping stone to full digital transformation, and how privacy technologies can harness previously untapped data through confidential analytics.


Focus for mobile digital identity

This year we will be looking for financial sector institutions and eKYC service providers, who are interested in enhancing the security of their services or would want to add digital signing to their services. Our next-generation tokenless digital identity SplitKey can turn any smartphone into an EAL4+ digital signature device. This is something we can either offer as an on-premise or as a cloud-based solution.

In addition to technology we could also be your consulting partners in the setup of your digital identity solutions - be it in creation of strategies or regulations or making the right choices in the myriad of different technologies for right identity purposes, whatever scale or context.

Data exchange that can power any digital transformation

Besides knowledge and tech on digital identity, Cybernetica has much more to offer at MWC. Our Data Exchange team is also represented, and ready to discuss how data exchange and interoperability can accelerate digital transformation. While we work with governments and public sector entities with data exchange, this technology is not only reserved for the public sector. We are also exploring new proof of concept opportunities in the private sector, too. Whatever the sector, we have capabilities that range from supporting with initial advisory to full-scale implementation and stakeholder training.

What can privacy technologies do for telcos

Why are we exhibiting privacy technologies at this event? Because they have many benefits, for example, to mobile network operators, who have data but are restricted from processing it due to privacy regulations. Our Sharemind technology enables the analysis of confidential datasets without compromising individual data privacy.

Our team will be at Mobile World Congress in the Estonia booth, located in Congress Square, CS100.