Summer interns have joined Cybernetica full time

Katrina Kurg

HR Specialist

We are glad to have offered 18 interns this summer a position to practise their professional skills and knowledge in a practical work environment. And we are even more glad to have 10 of them join our team now as full-time employees.
We asked three of them to share their impressions about their internship with us – meet Alari (Helpdesk Specialist), Kristiina and Kadi-Riin (Junior QA Engineers).

How did you hear about Cybernetica?

Kadi-Riin: I participated in a university mentorship program where freshmen get a couple of older students to help them settle into the university life. Coincidentally, one of my mentors was an intern that became at full-time employee at Cybernetica. I heard a lot of good things about the company and due to that, Cybernetica was at the top of my list when it can to internships.

Alari: I saw some job ads in a job portal, and heard about it from a colleague of a previous workplace whose friend had worked at Cybernetica.

Kristiina: I was and IT project coordinator prior to joining Cybernetica and this position sparked my interest towards software development. Upon completing a QA engineer course, I found Cybernetica’s internship programme on the web and decided to apply. My friend was also working here at the time who told me lots of good things about the company.

Why did you decide to apply for the internship at Cybernetica?

Kadi-Riin: Like I mentioned, I had heard lots of good things about Cybernetica before, so that was a main point for me. In addition to that, having caught up on Cybernetica’s dignifying history, my interest grew even more.

Alari: I had graduated a vocational school a couple of years ago but had worked in another field, so I had begun to lose a bit of that knowledge from my studies. Cybernetica’s internship seemed like the perfect place to refresh my professional knowledge and skills and start my career.

Kristiina: I had heard lots of good things about people that work at Cybernetica. Additionally, I was quite interested in the technologies that are being developed here. An important factor was that after successful intership it was possible to become a full-time employee here.

How satisfied are you with the internship?

Kadi-Riin: It was super positive and everything was up to my expectations.

Alari: I liked it a lot. I learned lots of new things during those three months that I didn’t know before. My mentor was very nice and helpful and the work environment was very modern. All of my colleagues were also super nice and took me into the team really well.

Kristiina: I was very pleased with my internship. The internship program of the first week was very helpful to get a hang of the company’s workflow and meet all the people. The internal communication is very well organized and I was always up to date on what’s happening and what am I expected to do. Additionally, this program allowed me to get to know the other interns, too. I always felt very included – my colleagues are very nice, helpful and supportive. I got always insightful answers to any of my questions.
The most important, though, is that I got a very good glimpse into what working as a QA engineer actually means. Due to the very good internship I’m certain I want to pursue this career further.

What do young people look for when applying for internships?

Kadi-Riin: I think the most important things are to get lots of practical experience and learn new things. In addition to that, it’s important to practice the skills you already have, as well as perfect them even more. I wouldn’t like an internship where I would feel as if I hadn’t gained anything new. Just as important is a supporting network – you should feel free to ask any questions and not fear any mistakes. I also like feeling as a valuable team member and that my input matters. Lastly, it’s a great upside if a workplace allows you to comfortably continue your studies while you work.
For me, Cybernetica ticks all these boxes!

Alari: Usually, students are looking for an internship where they can practice their knowledge and skills, as well as develop and learn new skills. Surely, a great work environment and nice colleagues are also a big plus.

Kristiina: I believe it’s important that the internship is organised so that the interns have a good chance to get to know everyone and the company, as well as their tasks and responsibilities. Big pros are always flexibility, remote work and part-time work possibility.
Cybernetica has definitely created a very nice work environment for the employees!

We are super excited to have our newest team members with us full time and are looking forward to their career growth!