Transitioning from vacation mode to work

Cybernetica team

Each of us has probably experienced the post-holiday blues and the rush that comes with the start of the autumn season, when you're unsure of where to begin or what to prioritise. Suddenly, you sense that there are colleagues around you who are overwhelmed by the workload awaiting them, and there are those who seem to require a holiday from their holiday. Or you might uncover individuals who remained engaged in work throughout their entire time off. Nevertheless, they all find a way to eventually get back on track.

The art of transitioning seamlessly from holiday mode to work mode lies in striking a balance between taking it easy and making deliberate strides toward productivity.

Here's some advice to help you navigate this transition effectively:

  • No matter how you're feeling initially, make an effort to take things slowly – avoid rushing into every minor detail in your inbox and with new tasks.
  • Having a to-do list is always more beneficial than having a nothing-to-do list – it aids in reviewing your objectives and getting back on the right track.
  • Begin with the simplest tasks at first – this helps you enter the work mindset and makes it easier to tackle larger tasks that follow.
  • Allocate 20–30 minutes for going through emails and schedule this time in advance. Afterward, transition to a new task. Remember, there's no need to respond to all emails within a few days.
  • Your perspective about yourself and your work significantly influences your work experience – identify or remind yourself of the positive aspects that bring excitement to your job.
  • Even if you feel rejuvenated and relaxed after a holiday period, refrain from convincing yourself that you're now a superhero – otherwise, you might exhaust yourself. Continue prioritising sleep, as it serves as the foundation for everything.
  • Embrace a "one step at a time" approach – breaking down complex tasks into manageable chunks can reduce overwhelm and enhance your productivity.

Another valuable strategy for transitioning back into work mode involves connecting with your team. This might encompass engaging in open discussions, spending quality time together, and sharing thought-provoking conversations. Alternatively, you can collectively prioritise tasks that require immediate attention. Consider organising an enjoyable activity with your team. This way, your initial sentiments upon returning to the workplace won't be overshadowed by work pressures; instead, they'll be positive due to the enjoyable moments shared with colleagues.

At Cybernetica, we organised a Seminar at the end of the Summer season to align everyone with our company's future objectives. This event also provided an opportunity for engaging in enjoyable activities and quality bonding time. The outcome was fantastic, effectively reorienting everyone toward work mode after a rejuvenating summer hiatus!







Photos shot by Erlend Štaub.