UXP update to version 1.18: see what's new and improved

Taavi Toomere

Product Manager

“The API not only improves the Security Server architecture but also enables productivity tools for the security server maintenance.”

Taavi Toomere

Product Manager

The Security Server management API

With the UXP 1.18 release, we introduce the first version of the Security Server management REST API. OpenAPI 3 description of the management API is available in each security server https://:4000/api/v1/openapi-ui. An excerpt from it looks as follows:

Excerpt from API_new.png

The API not only improves the Security Server architecture but also enables productivity tools for the security server maintenance. Notice that this is the first release of the API and changes to it are likely in the coming releases.

The new Security Server user interface technology improves usability

The Security Server user interface now works over Security Server management API and uses the latest UI development framework. In UXP 1.18 we upgraded most of the user interfaces to the new technology. The new technology means a better user experience for security server users and better development tools for our team. Among other improvements, the user interface contains more helping texts to guide users in their tasks.

New productivity tools for Security Server maintenance

The introduction of the Security Server API in UXP 1.18 opens new ways to automate security server setup and configuration. It is especially beneficial for larger UXP deployments and UXP networks where remote management is needed. UXP team is happy to consult you on how you can set up the automation flows using tools like Ansible and Terraform. At the same time, it is still possible to set up and configure Security Server as previously using a command line interface or user interface.

As usual, we recommend Security Server administrators study the details of all changes from the release notes before upgrading to version UXP 1.18.

About the future

According to our internal tests, UXP 1.18 has notably improved the Security Server performance compared to the previous version, but we will not stop here. Our team is currently working on some additional significant security server performance improvements and cost optimization features that will roll out in the coming releases.

Stay tuned!