Privacy-preserving analysis of confidential datasets.

Our offering

Collect encrypted data

Collect encrypted data from from web apps, devices, sensors, and databases. Data are encrypted on site and don't leave the device or organisation unencrypted.

End-to-end security

Process encrypted data without removing the protection during any stage, from collection to result presentation.

No insider attacks

Extract insights without having access to the data. Insider attacks are impossible if data is processed without decrypting it.

Anonymity and precision

Process data anonymously without loss of precision. Data quality is ensured with privacy-preserving outlier removal and descriptive statistics.


Take data minimisation to the maximum with end-to-end encryption.

Policy enforcement

Convince your customers that you can only process data according to their wishes. Even more - they can remotely attest and audit running systems.

“It's hard to convince companies to disclose data about their financial state. At the same time, everyone is interested in the health of the industry as a whole. Secure multiparty computation is considered trustworthy by members of the ITL.”

Teet Jagomägi

ITL Board Member

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