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Tailored software solutions for tax and customs, crafted for seamless integration, and backed by decades of experience.

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Partners of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board since 2003

Cybernetica’s system facilitates communication within the Common Domain (between National Administrations), the National Domain (within a National Administration), and the External Domain (between National Administrations and Traders).

Our software

  • is built on a modern web-based architecture;

  • leverages open-source technology, eliminating the need for third-party licenses;

  • offers a user-friendly web-based user interface that supports multiple languages and easy translation;

  • delivers excellent performance, operates in a clustered environment, and scales efficiently for larger systems;

  • has undergone thorough testing and continuous improvements, based on feedback received from the tax and customs officials;

  • utilizes the Union Customs Code (UCC) data model provided by the EU Commission.

Our expertise

20+ years of experience

We have over 20 years of experience in building tax and customs systems.

Certified quality

Cybernetica passed its first successful ISO 9001 certification already in February 1999.

EU compliance

Our software utilizes the Union Customs Code (UCC) data model provided by the EU Commission.

Our track record

“Cybernetica is responsible for the development and maintenance of approximately 30 information systems for the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. We're really happy with the work they've done so far and are eagerly looking forward to their future contributions.”

Raigo Uukkivi

Director General of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board


NCTS P5 - New Computerised Transit System (phase 5)

New Computerised Transit System is a transit data exchange system designed to simplify the completion of transit transport customs procedures and ensure the secure movement of goods within the territory of the European Union.


AES - Automated Export System

Automated Export System is an export data exchange system designed to simplify the completion of the export procedure.


Import System Impulss

The System Impulss manages the entire life cycle of import declaration: submission of the declaration, verification, risk analysis, task management, tax calculation, and tax accounting.


Estonian Master Tariff System

Estonian Master Tariff System contains comprehensive functionality for the customs tariff database, quota manager system and statistics surveillance system.


VAT Declaration Processing System with Fraud Detection

Allows companies to lodge monthly VAT declarations via web-based interface or via system level web-services; validates and accepts declarations; performs extensive analysis of the VAT declaration data, including aggregation with historic data; prepares data for risk analysis; provides data analysis and visualization tools for controlling officers, investigating the potential fraud cases.



Adjustment of E-services to compliance with the requirements of EURO.


EMCS - Excise Movement and Control System (development and implementation of phase 1)

EMCS is a system for monitoring movements of excise goods between EU Member States under duty suspension.


NCTS - Transit Module (development and implementation of NCTS phase 4)

The NCTS system implements transit regime functionality.


ICS - Import Control Module (development and implementation of AIS phase 1)

ICS processes entry summary declarations, and performs preliminary risk analysis before goods actually enter into a country, increasing safety and security.


TIR - Carnet Management System

TIR module implements the complete National Transit Application functionality of TIR, allows electronic submission and processing of TIR carnets, and managing TIR procedures.


ECS - Export Control Module (development and implementation of phase 1)

ECS enables customs offices that perform export procedures to exchange electronic messages regarding the movement of goods.


Complex - Customs Declaration Module 1

Complex is a application that provides means for managing the full life-cycle of a customs declaration.



ASYCUDA++ is a computerized Customs management system that covers most foreign trade procedures.

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