Young Talents in the Spotlight - Internship as a Software Tester

The season of internship is about to start, and many students are looking for future career opportunities. It’s very important to us, at Cybernetica, to get to know our potential team members.

To shed light on our interns’ experience, and give some insight into, what it’s like to go through internship at Cybernetica, we put together a blog series. In this post, we’ll focus on the position of Software Tester. We will talk to our interns, and full-time employees now, Evelin and Siim, who were so kind to share their stories. So, let us guide you through their expectations, thoughts, and results from the internship.

Applying for the Internship

Speaking of the reasons for applying, our interns pointed out the most essential factors. They mentioned career perspective, our business domains, but also the fact, that the contribution of each individual is appreciated.

Evelin noted that she was interested in an IT internship and wanted to see if this area could fit her in long term. “In addition, Cyber’s business area was important,and it mattered to me, that the output of my daily work is necessary and useful to someone.” Siim added that having studied programming on his own, he was looking for a challenge in a development company, “I had a chance to work with writing and updating automated tests, it seemed exciting, and I liked Cybernetica’s values – so, I decided to apply.”

The Most Exciting and Difficult Thing About the Internship

Evelin and Siim pointed out, doing the work that really matters and learning about their job as fascinating factors. They both give a lot of credit to the team for the good vibe, quick acceptance, and the chance of working with the professionals. They consider the field and process specifics as the most difficult part.

Evelin said, “I really liked, that I was able to start with real tasks immediately. My first project was the system of the Estonian Customs Tariffs, that was designed for trade with third countries. I learned about testing, other processes, and customs at the same time.” Speaking of the hard part, Siim reminded, “Initially, it was difficult to cope with the size and complexity of the systems, both from a technical, a business logic, and legal point of view.” Evelin laughed, that the main difficulty was probably the fact, that working hours of interns were strictly limited, and the end of the day arrived just too soon! Though, they both acknowledge the team for embracing them immediately, as testers, not just interns.

Why Did You Decide to Stay?

So, the most important question of all: what made you stay? Both emphasize the great team, acceptance of new members, as well as favouring people’s self-development, and work-life balance as the things that helped to make up their mind.

Siim said that he decided to stay, because of the excellent team, opportunities for self-development and good working conditions, like remote work. Evelin liked the job area, and the challenge, “I liked the technicality, and the area of dealing with the system development process. And, of course, the people – I quickly saw that talented, motivated, inspiring, and professional people worked here. In my experience, Cybernetica is also a family-friendly company with a healthy attitude towards family life, and that was very important to me.”

Why Would You Recommend an Internship at Cybernetica?

According to Siim and Evelin, internship is a good way and time to map your wishes and needs. It also gives better insight into Cyber’s activities, and life, that you can’t get from anywhere else. It’s a chance to work with those that are absolute tops in their field, which is quite an inspiration. In addition, the internship offers technical challenges, the solution of which will definitely be beneficial for you in the future.

You are always welcome to apply for an internship at Cybernetica. Find out more at

Stay tuned for internship stories in the coming weeks!