Leading UXP-backed Digital Transformation

Cybernetica’s UXP comes with the promise of facilitating data exchange between independent stakeholders in a trusted environment. The underlying technology has been lauded internationally and is considered to be the backbone of the digital transformation of the administration of the Republic of Estonia. UXP’s aspiration remains to see public or private sector clients’ digital transformation projects thrive thanks to the data exchange platform.

Anonymous Credentials

When living in a society and interacting with others, we often have to prove to them who we are. We do this in order for the others to decide, whether to perform certain transactions with us, e.g., sell us something or allow us to use something. To prove who we are, we typically use our identity cards or other documents that state who we are and what we are entitled to.

Predicting House Fires with Machine Learning

The Estonian Rescue Board (ERB) registered a total of 1110 building fires in 2017 with direct damages of 7.2 million euros [1]. In 2018, a total of 50 people lost their lives in a fire and 102 were injured [2]. While the rate of fires per capita in Estonia is comparable to the Nordic countries, the rate of deadly fires is significantly higher [1]. As a part of the project “Machine learning and AI powered public service delivery”, we use machine learning methods to assess the risk scores and find significant features to help predict building fires in Estonia in order to prevent them.

Moving Towards Cross-Border Process Optimisation

Addressing the federation of Unified eXchange Platform (UXP)/X-Road1 instances is a fascinating exercise, which despite of the technical challenges, bears the promise of integrating business processes across national or federal borders. It’s easy to imagine federally governed states relying on federated UXP and/or X-Road infrastructure and see how this would be the basis for integrating different jurisdictions’ information systems and services for a user-friendly service delivery. This blog series walks you through the main steps to consider when federating UXP/X-Road national data exchange infrastructure.