Unique Identifiers and Digital Identity

For digital societies to function, personal identifiers are useful, if not unavoidable. Quite an array of public services rests on the premise of identitfication and authentication of the citizens – the quality of that process determines the quality of the services, in many cases. According to the World Atlas, there are currently 195 countries in the World. According to the data we have collected from the official sources and related Wikipedia articles, half of the countries have already implemented a kind of unique identifier for their citizens, residents, visitors or (why not the) e-residents. The names for the identifiers vary – depending on the country this attribute can be called Personal Identification Number or Citizen Number or Resident Registration Number or just Taxation ID. What will follow, is a short overview of the essence of personal identifiers and also the history of introducing these.

Mobile Phone Data Meets Sharemind HI. Tourism Statistics Innovation in Indonesia

Our guest post is from Positium, a data analytics company from Tartu, Estonia. They are the only company in the world specialising in mobile positioning data for official statistics. Positium has over 10 years of experience working with global clients and scientists alike, always striving to improve modern statistics with timely and accurate data. They provide a technological platform and methodology for processing mobile phone data for human mobility monitoring, analyses and statistical indicators.

Sharemind's Academic Licenses

Cybernetica is a company rooted in research and development. Because of this, we strive to help researchers access the data they need for a robust study. Thus, we make the Sharemind MPC platform available to universities with our Academic license program.

Young Talents in the Spotlight - Internship as a Software Tester

The season of internship is about to start, and many students are looking for future career opportunities. It’s very important to us, at Cybernetica, to get to know our potential team members.

To shed light on our interns’ experience, and give some insight into, what it’s like to go through internship at Cybernetica, we put together a blog series. In this post, we’ll focus on the position of Software Tester. We will talk to our interns, and full-time employees now, Evelin and Siim, who were so kind to share their stories. So, let us guide you through their expectations, thoughts, and results from the internship.

How Privacy Enhancing Technologies Affect Business Processes

Deploying secure multiparty computation techniques is seldom a straightforward replacement of how things are done at the moment and enable collaborations considered impossible so far. It is a complex process as privacy requirements, and technological solutions are deeply interleaved. Hence, we need tools to weigh the options and discuss changes in a process in an easily understandable manner.