The Magic of Cryptography

Information may be a valuable asset. Do you remember the movie “1917” where Lance Corporal William Schofield takes an incredibly dangerous journey through the front to deliver a message that helps saving thousands of lives? Or, in present context, if your company would be the first one to figure out the correct way to produce COVID-19 vaccine, this information would be of high value, indeed.

Towards Post-Quantum Secure E-Voting

It is a common belief that quantum computers will pose a security risk to current public key cryptography schemes in use, including remote electronic voting systems. This is mostly because most known online voting protocols make use of cryptosystems that are based on discrete logarithm or factoring problem which are hard for classical computers, but not quantum computers. Although, current quantum computers aren’t complex enough to run these kinds of attacks yet, in a few decades they will be. Thus, there is a good reason to worry about the ballot’s privacy already now.

Digital Identity Series - The Right Technology

Being a technology provider, there is a risk of sounding biased when talking about the right technology for digital identity solutions, but I’m not here to just say, “our technology is the right technology”. I want to raise points that should be considered when deciding which technology is right for the kind of service being implemented and the particular user-base it’s aimed at.