Digital Identity Series - Why the Banks?

Max van de Poll is the Head of Digital Identity at Cybernetica, and responsible for SplitKey, the next generation mobile authentication and digital signing tool for digital government and high value transaction-based organisations. He’s put together a short blog series around digital identity and how to create successful services that benefit everyone, from government to businesses to citizens. Have a read and do engage with comments, arguments for different approaches, and questions.

UXP Connector 1.6 Now Released

Spring 2020 has brought along a new version of UXP Connector from Cybernetica’s Data Exchange Technologies team. Version 1.6 of Connector was launched on 30th April and it introduces both new functionality and smaller improvements.

Tips for Working Remotely

While we have a strong culture for teleworking at Cybernetica, the recent weeks have rendered it a necessity, rather than a choice. In order to make working from home easier in the current situation - where several factors might not be under your control - we have gathered some of the best tips and guidelines from our fellow teleworkers.

New Technologies in Voting

Voting is the core method of implementing public power in modern democratic societies. However, in the contemporary increasingly mobile world, paper-based elections, where every eligible voter has to come to the same physical location during a short period of time, is less and less of an option.