Cybernetica team

A team that skis together, stays together.

Other outdoor sports are allowed, too. We also have a formidable board game community, at least 4 in-house DJs (that we know of!), a couple of resident artists and people that have big dogs, small dogs, cats, rabbits and chickens... In addition to fascinating characters, we also offer various benefits:

  • Flexible working hours, remote work and a private and quiet office space.
  • We support your team outside the office team: bonus for the birth of a child, play areas for kids in the office, and children's Christmas party.
  • Self-development above all: we support degree studies with flexible arrangements, internal seminars, attend conferences of your choice, and of course we have a library in the office.
  • Flexible vacation opportunities: take just a few days off instead of a full week or use your hard-earned days off only on business days to extend your reserve (only for week-long holidays).
  • 5 paid health days per year and for sick leave the compensation starts already from the second day.
  • Health and sports compensation: you choose if we pay for your yoga classes, therapist or paid health services.
  • Traditional team events and company-wide celebrations. We celebrate all victories, big and small.

“We have crafted a culture that is supportive, inclusive and equal.”

Oliver Väärtnõu


Cybernetica team

Cybernetica in numbers

Our values derive from our people. We strive to be the best in what we do, but also in how we do things, creating a work atmosphere that values each individual.

“My work at Cybernetica has offered me exciting challenges while being flexible - I've worked here for 3 years, 6 months of that remotely from another country. ”

Kelly Toomast

Tax and Customs Systems Department



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year established



of our employees have a PhD



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of our employees are aged 25-34



of our people have worked here 10+ years



of people work part-time, mainly for studying



of our employees are female

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