Just like we have long standing experience in being a trusted partner for governments, our technologies stand out for enterprise needs as well. Our solutions are scalable, easily integrated, secure and compliant, and help you to keep your operations secure and untap new business.

We’re not just a technology provider, but also provide advisory, assessment of technological maturity and stakeholder training. We also specialise in helping your organisation make sure your cybersecurity processes are in place and that there are no vulnerabilities.

Our interoperability, digital identity, and privacy analytics solutions are used in various enterprises across the world. Our strength is the ability to develop any custom approach within the frameworks of our technologies to match specific needs.

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Jaan Heinsoo

Jaan Heinsoo

Head of Sales and Partnerships for Cybersecurity


Michael Buckland

Head of Digital Identity Technologies Department


Baldur Kubo

Business Development (Privacy Preserving Technologies)