Angela Sahk: from Project Manager to Head of Cybersecurity Services

Angela Sahk

Head of Cybersecurity Services, Cybersecurity Department

“Looking ahead, I aim to create a visionary roadmap for Cybernetica’s cybersecurity services, enhancing our market position.”

Angela Sahk

Head of Cybersecurity Services

I'm thrilled to announce that recently, I have stepped into my new role as the Head of Cybersecurity Services at the Cybersecurity Department. This promotion marks a significant milestone in my career, and I'm excited to share my journey with you.

My foundation

Before joining Cybernetica, I spent 6 years at CGI, a global IT and business consulting services firm. My career at CGI was marked by versatility and growth, as I took on various roles and responsibilities that developed my skills and built a solid basis for the future. I started out as a Junior Developer / Analyst and within a year of starting I was offered the position of the Release Manager within the project I was working for. This further supported the growth of my skillset and I ended up in the position of Infosystems Consultant which essentially covered everything from analysis, quality assurance, planning to client and third-party communications. During this time, I also had an additional role of Project Lead, carrying out a major database and application upgrade for the client.

My journey at Cybernetica

I joined Cybernetica in 2018 as the Team Lead of Sharemind HI. In addition to the product team lead position, I also managed projects related to Sharemind HI / privacy technologies. When the Cybersecurity Department was created within Cybernetica, I transitioned to the new department and took the role of Project Manager of R&D projects, which are mostly focused on cybersecurity topics.

I'm enthusiastic about my new position as the Head of Cybersecurity Services. I acknowledge the excitement and challenges that come with the role, as it entails new responsibilities and a new scope of influence. One of my initial tasks is to take over the impressive work that has been done thus far to build our cybersecurity services portfolio and team. Until now, this sphere was managed by our Services team and Security Engineer Aivo Toots, and I am extremely grateful to all of the people involved in this development. Amazing work has been done to date and I hope to enhance this line of business with my experience, as well as bring in a different perspective, knowledge, background and hopefully some fresh ideas.
Looking ahead, I aim to create a visionary roadmap for Cybernetica’s cybersecurity services, enhancing our market position.

It goes without saying that the cybersecurity landscape is evolving quickly, and this comes with both opportunities and challenges. Since a big part of both Cybernetica and our Cybersecurity department is R&D, I believe we are well-positioned to leverage our expertise to stay ahead in this dynamic environment and provide our customers with the support and expertise they need in their cybersecurity journey and challenges.

Hands-on approach all around

Outside of my professional life, I find balance through hands-on activities and hobbies. About two years ago, I purchased an old house and have since been engaged in various construction and maintenance projects, including building a new woodshed last summer. These activities provide a refreshing change of pace and a sense of accomplishment through physical work.

Additionally, I enjoy logic puzzles and immersing myself in video games on my PS5 during my free time. These hobbies not only offer relaxation but also keep my mind sharp and grounded.