New interns have joined Cybernetica

“I was happy to hear that a big reason why our interns wanted to join us was because they had heard positive things about working in Cybernetica and about our employees.”

Liis Lehto

Senior Recruiter

Each year Cybernetica welcomes new interns to join the company's different departments. Our support of international students has been long-term, systematic, and an outstanding commitment. We've also taken quite many international students on board. This year we welcomed two international students out of 18 new interns who will be working in both cities- Tallinn and Tartu. We are proud that last year Cybernetica was awarded with the title of the best internship provider for international students by the Estonian Employers’ Confederation in its annual Best Internship Provider competition.

Internship programme process

The whole process is quite straightforward. It starts when our departments inform the HR team about the number of interns needed for different positions. Students that are interested in becoming interns in Cybernetica must submit an application that is later followed by a test. The applicants with the best test results will be invited to an interview.
Each intern will also have an instructor. They will go through the same onboarding process as all the employees do when they start in Cybernetica, which includes reading instructions about our internal work organisation and having a meeting regarding information security policy. We consider an internship to be successful if students gain new knowledge from working with us. As we're interested in expanding, at the end of the internship programme the brightest interns will be offered a position with the company.

Cooperation with universities

One of Cybernetica's core values has always been supporting the education and development of our employees. We offer flexible working hours for those who study while working. There are also many lecturers among our employees, and over the years we have offered students topics for their dissertations as well as supervised them at various levels of higher education.
As we work closely with universities, we are always able to respond very flexibly to feedback regarding mentoring. Cybernetica has offices in both Tallinn and in Tartu, which means that students from universities in these cities have equal internship opportunities and have the option to travel between offices when needed. Cybernetica also offers internships to international students.

Where can you find us

Cybernetica participates in different career events such as Delta Career Day (formerly ATI Career Day) and Võti Tulevikku (Key to the Future fair). We have talked to various groups of students about Cybernetica's activities and our employees give lectures at the University of Tartu and TalTech.

Our commitment to offering internships to international students

A key strategic part of Cybernetica's growth is internationalisation by bringing Estonia's e-governance and cybersecurity experiences to the wider world. As our communication has become more multilingual, we travel more and seek to better understand different countries and people. For us, one of the best channels in striving towards these goals has been the people who either come to work with us or do an internship at Cybernetica. Some of them will stay long - term and teach us about their own countries, some will take our experiences home and help lay the foundation for our future growth.

Why we value international students

International students add many values, including diversity. We always have something to learn from our international interns as they can learn from working with us. They can also bring the knowledge they have gained from working with us back to their home countries. The interns are a diversifying force - we will be exposed to new experiences and new skills will find their way to our engineers. International students bring new perspectives and new ways of thinking and we welcome that.

International students offer fresh point of views

We definitely recommend Estonian companies to consider and welcome international students. They bring a different mindset with them and we always have something new to learn from them. They also have good work ethics and independence.
More than 5000 foreign students study in Estonia. Alumni in the fields of ICT, engineering, production, and construction stay in Estonia more often than others after graduation. The most popular areas in which foreign students work are information and communication, accommodation and catering, and education.