Paving the way for scalable interoperability in large digitalising countries like Brazil

Watch this webinar to explore how to build scalable interoperability in large digitalising countries and hear the lessons learnt from our successful deployments in countries like Ukraine, Malaysia and Benin.

During the webinar, Cybernetica’s CEO Oliver Väärtnõu and Product Manager Taavi Toomere open up on various considerations of interoperability and governmental data exchange. And Valid’s Executive Director Ilson Bressan adds Brazilian perspective to the topic. These discussions on the key e-government infrastructure will come together to the most important question: how to make a future-proof decision?

Additionally, don’t miss out on the panel discussion between all keynote speakers, accompanied by Cybernetica's CTO and the architect of the original X-Road - Arne Ansper.

The webinar touches upon the following questions:

  • What is interoperability and where does it stand in the e-government stack?
  • Which benefits can society-level interoperability and data exchange give?
  • What are the success factors when implementing interoperability?
  • Why is government-level interoperability different from enterprise-level interoperability?
  • How should large-scale digital societies tackle the topic of interoperability?
  • What are the challenges that Brazil is facing currently when building e-government and especially interoperability?
  • Can technologies that have roots in a small country like Estonia match the needs of Brazil?

Get an answer to these and many other questions in this webinar recording. You will also learn about our Unified eXchange Platform (UXP) interoperability technology and hear where it is headed.

This webinar is in English, with Brazilian-Portuguese dubbed version available on YouTube

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