Interoperability solutions for secure digital states

Trust-based data exchange technology to build scalable and secure digital ecosystems.

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"The implementation of Trembita based on Cybernetica’s Unified eXchange Platform has enabled to truly accelerate the implementation of Ukraine’s digital transformation process."

Oleksii Vyskub

First Deputy Minister from the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

Why Cybernetica: global pioneer in e-governance technologies

25+ years of experience

Proven technology and expertise in building digital states worldwide.

Architects of X-Road

Architect of the X-Road interoperability platform and the e-Estonia ecosystem.

Wide expertise

Wide expertise from secure data exchange to digital identity, i-voting and information security.

Interoperability offering

Foundation of digital societies

Interoperability and secure data exchange enable the provision of seamless digital services to citizens and businesses alike, creating value and new business models.

Future-proof technology

Cybernetica’s strong focus on R&D places our technologies at the forefront of technical innovation. Infinitely scalable architecture supports gearing up for the future.

Security by design

With our technology, data belongs directly to the owner, with encrypted peer-to-peer communication enforcing strong security practices for ensuring data confidentiality and integrity.

Comprehensive implementation

Achieving interoperability can be a complex task. We offer knowledge sharing and support from initial consulting to licensing, technology set-up and configuration.

From creators of digital societies

With over 20 years of experience in driving digital transformation, we are the architects of the Estonian X-Road, the backbone of the world’s most advanced digital society.

UXP-based digital state ecosystem

UXP - the backbone of a digital society

Cybernetica’s interoperability offering is based on our UXP (Unified eXchange Platform) technology.

UXP as the technical foundation of interoperability brings together data of different organisations and information systems for state-wide connectivity. This decentralised infrastructure platform is governed, maintained and monitored by a central governing authority. The security of the ecosystem is assured by encryption and the use of trust services.

Interoperability is the key foundation of any digital state or ecosystem
Making data accessible in a standardised, secure and seamless way enables to create and run digital services. Smooth digital services in turn are the main driving force for creating genuine impact in a digital society.

Secure and scalable interoperability solutions
Our solutions cater for both public and private sector leaders on the road to offering user-centred and secure digital services. We equip digitalisation leaders with the technology and expertise to establish a foundation for a seamless digital ecosystem.

What we can do for you

Our seasoned team of interoperability and data exchange experts is capable of technical support and guidance irrespective of domain or digital maturity.

Interoperability technologies and solutions

Advisory services to complement technical implementation

Project management

Full support through the entire project lifecycle

Discovery sessions

Guiding your journey from as-is to the to-be situation and identifying gaps as well as milestones

Use-case implementation

Uncovering most valuable use cases and supporting their implementation

Stakeholder support

Creating and enhancing alignment between stakeholders

Capacity building

Workshops and trainings to support organisational knowledge building

Change management

Strategies and materials to support seamless transition during and after implementation

Phased and context-driven approach to interoperability

  1. We assess your existing digital landscape relating to interoperability.

  2. We map out a phased roadmap to implementing and scaling a secure data exchange foundation.

  3. We support selecting the most valuable services to start digitalising with interoperability and data exchange.

  4. We set up a technical pilot environment to test the feasibility of the selected solution.

  5. We assist with stakeholder alignment through workshops and trainings.

  6. We execute a phased project plan at a suitable pace matching your digital readiness and help scale the interoperability foundation of your digital ecosystem.

Proven track record worldwide

Cybernetica has 25 years of experience in building future-proof products that rely on research & development. Currently our technologies are used in more than 35 countries globally, including a list of successful interoperability deployments such as in Ukraine, Japan, Benin, Tunisia, Bahamas, Greenland and others.

X-Road in Estonia

Cybernetica was the technical architect of Estonia’s interoperability platform called the X-Road.

X-Road is the backbone of secure data exchange in Estonia, supporting all digital public services since 2001. As a result of its adoption, today 99% of government services are available online, minimising bureaucracy and back-office overheads.

Our UXP data exchange technology has grown out of the groundwork done with the X-Road in Estonia and by now surpasses it in terms of security and scalability.

UXP-based public services in Benin

Cybernetica implemented its data exchange technology, the UXP, as the full-scale interoperability platform in the Republic of Benin.

Since 2019, a new digital government platform was set up from scratch and new public digital services were launched within just 1 year.

Today, the UXP platform has become a significant enabler of improved public sector productivity, leading to phenomenal changes in the society.

UXP as the core of Trembita in Ukraine

In 2017, Cybernetica implemented UXP as the foundation for Ukraine’s interoperability platform, Trembita.

Among other benefits, Trembita supports Ukraine’s public service application Diia that offers wide-ranging digital services.

Despite the full-scale war and ongoing cyberattacks, the foundation of Ukraine’s digital government remains stable, resilient and constantly adding new value to the people.

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