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“Cybernetica has been a valuable partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Middle-East in advising our customers on designing digital governance and identity frameworks and solutions.”

Fadi Komati

PwC Middle East - Digital Consulting Partner

“Cybernetica AS has been a trusted partner in the development of the Estonian Digital Identity ecosystem and has been a long- standing strategic partner of the Estonian government. They have been involved in projects, both with the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and other agencies.”

Luukas Ilves

Government Chief Information Officer

“Using Smart-ID for customer authentication doubled the number of monthly new users in our mobile bank. We are very satisfied with Smart-ID regarding both the ease of technical integration, as well as convenient user experience of the application. This mindset is supported by our internet and mobile banking clients from whom already 25% are using the possibilities of Smart-ID.”

Margus Holland

LHV Bank - Head of Digital Banking


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Why Cybernetica: a proven player

25 years of experience

In building future-proof technologies based on proprietary R&D.

35+ countries

Our technologies are used in 35+ countries globally.

Wide expertise

From secure data exchange to digital identity, i-voting & information security.

Digital identity offering

SplitKey technology

Smartphone based digital identity technology for secure electronic signing and authentication.

Turnkey solution

From simple integrations to a fully customised digital identity service, including the setup of registries, trust services, and applications.

R&D capabilities

R&D is in our DNA, it is how we approach solving complex issues with future-proof technologies.


On strategy and roadmaps, risk and security assessments, technical architecture, standards and legislation.

Software development

Ongoing work on Smart-ID as well as onboarding, CA, signing and authentication solutions.

Highest security

The only smartphone-based authentication and signing solution compliant with the highest regulatory standards and certification.

The future

Enhancing current digital identities with the development of Digital Identity Wallets.

Additional documents

Comparison of Cloud-Based Signature Solutions and Cybernetica’s SplitKey

Download Split Key and Cloud Based Signature Solutions Comparison (.pdf)

Introduction to SplitKey Foundations

Download SplitKey White Paper (.pdf)

SplitKey – unique technology

Cryptographic Solution
SplitKey technology is based on proven principles of public key cryptography, digital signature schemes, and PKI. Public key cryptography works on the concept of key pairs:

  • the public key is bound with the verified identity of the user
  • the private key is confidential and protected, e.g. inside a
  • smart-card, which is under sole control of the user

Digital signing
SplitKey ensures that only the user can sign or approve a transaction, due to the user retaining one piece of their private key which never leaves theirdevice. SplitKey complies with the European QSCD (Qualified Signature Creation Device) requirements and PSD2 (Payment Services Directive).

Access authentication
SplitKey provides secure but simple authentication for accounts that require superior online security. Banking sites, trading platforms, government department sites, or any online portal can protect its users’ accounts by ensuring that only the user has control of their private key.

Patented technology
The technology applied in the SplitKey product is patented as a European patent no. 3529948.


Knowledge and biometrics based authentication and signing solution

SplitKey+ builds on Cybernetica’s 4 and 5-digit PIN knowledge-based solution for authentication and signing.
By combining threshold cryptography and liveness testing with face recognition, SplitKey+ adds a level of security that gives confidence and reduces risk.

Working with our liveness testing partners, we can offer a LoA High for both PIN and biometrics, with the additional option of pattern. Service providers can select which combination and when these methods are used.

Authenticate with PIN and sign with biometrics, or prompt PIN and biometrics for authentication and PIN2 for signing. Any combination of PIN, pattern and biometric based liveness testing can be utilised.

SplitKey CSP

Cybernetica is expanding its SplitKey product line to compliment the emerging European Union Digital Identity Wallet (EUDIW) ecosystem.

  • Cryptographic service provider based on SplitKey

  • For mobile platforms that do not have a suitable hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment or Secure Enclave chip

  • Hardware agnostic

Advanced cryptographic services for digital identity wallet applications

SplitKey was designed in 2016 for the needs of software-based eID means, providing eIDAS1-compliant “high” level authentication and QSCD-level electronic signatures. We used threshold-cryptography-based algorithms and achieved unique security properties for a software-based solution.

Now, we have taken the same idea and developed an advanced, ready-to-integrate software module for wallets, which provides the following security features:

  • Private key generation and signature creation

  • RSA algorithm support, ECDSA/EdDSA and PQC on the roadmap

  • Integration with identity proofing (RA) and X.509 certification (CA)

  • User’s sole control of cryptographic material, PIN verification and clone detection

  • Common Criteria EAL4+ certification ready, aligned with EN 419 241-2 (rQSCD PP)


Cybernetica offers a consulting service for digital identity to advise and analyse the current landscape and provide meaningful input for the journey ahead.

Harnessing the strength of our PhD’s, Research Institute and being one of the original architects of e-Estonia, we have a strong pedigree to assist and guide your digital identity transformation.
The list of services contains but is not limited to:

  • Mapping the initial scope of activities and assessing the status quo in the Client Organisation(s)

  • Advisory on legal aspects, existing legislation in the area of electronic identification, authentication, digital signing, drafting recommendations to regulatory requirements

  • Advisory on the project management

  • Advisory on the change management and communication of adopted changes

  • Support of orientation and transition for the employees, guidelines, trainings, workshops, knowledge bases


Smart-ID / Baltics and Iceland

Cybernetica’s digital identity technology is used all over the Baltics and Iceland in collaboration with the Smart-ID service operator.

  • 3 million users and 75 million transactions per month
  • Used in services provided by top Nordic banks,
  • leading telcos and e-commerce providers

Partnership with PWC / Middle East

Digital identity strategy for the Digital Government Agency.

  • Elevating the Saudi digital identity with new technological opportunities.
  • Work on Technical Architecture, eID and Trust Services, Standards, and Legal chapters.

SmartWallet - Estonia

Working with partner SK ID Solutions to provide research and development on the disruptive EUDIW funded by Estonian Government:

  • Project completed in 2023
  • Research and development on the wallet ecosystem and development of related solutions

Research projects for Estonian Government

  • NFC Analysis for use of eID cards with NFC chip readers
  • Evidence as a platform researching the mDL standard for use in Estonia
  • CDOC 2.0 New encryption protocol for ID card /mID and sID
  • Internet Voting Mobile Client - Mobile App to support i-Voting (m-Voting)

Single Point of Failure (SPoF) analysis for Estonian Government

  • Identify weak elements in the eID public key infrastructure
  • eID infrastructure resiliency analysis: authentication protocols
  • eID infrastructure resiliency analysis: OCSP proxy service.
  • eID Infrastructure Trust Model

Partnerships with EY in North Africa & Estonia

  • Digital Transformation partnership in North Africa, and consulting with E&Y EE
  • Secure data exchange platform to connect 12 ministries.
  • Change management and stakeholder training.
  • Working with E&Y EE to provide expert analysis on Digital Identity Wallets in the EU

Estonian ID card ROCA Vulnerability Analysis

Cybernetica advised the Estonian government on finding and implementing the best possible solution to bypass the security vulnerability.

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