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  • Cybernetica

    For a more secure and safe world

  • Marine Radio Communication

    Wide area radiocommunication systems


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  • Sea Surveillance Systems

    Integrated Sea Surveillance Systems for border protection and secure vessel traffic


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  • X-Road

    Secure, distributed service bus for inter-organizational data exchange. Backbone of Estonian Government

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  • Customs Engine

    Integrated customs declaration processing system for Customs Authorities automates all the customs processes

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  • i-Voting

    World’s 1st secure Internet voting system, wich has been used for Estonian local and parliamentary elections since 2005

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  • Sharemind

    Sharemind is a privacy-preserving database and application platform

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  • Unified  eXchange Platform

    eGovernment interoperability framework

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  1. Cybernetica
  2. Marine Radio Communication
  3. Sea Surveillance Systems
  4. X-Road
  5. Customs Engine
  6. i-Voting
  7. Sharemind
  8. Unified eXchange Platform


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