Interoperability Managed UXP

Peer-to-peer data exchange provided as a cloud-based and managed interoperability service.

Managed UXP is an interoperability as a service solution where the whole process from implementation to maintenance is fully managed by Cybernetica. Clients of the Managed UXP get all the features and functionalities of the traditional UXP, but without none of the service provision responsibility.

To build a smart and secure digital society, interoperability and the possibility to exchange data securely are crucial. Managed UXP reduces complexity and risk while increasing productivity and resilience. It has unlimited scalability, deployment flexibility and maximised availability. Managed UXP is perfectly suitable for countries or organisations that lack the resources - for example, may have limited technical staff available - to invest into on-site infrastructure. We also offer the opportunity to trial Managed UXP before actual implementation.

Managed UXP takes only couple of hours to be set up and it comes with hands-on guided scenarios for the customers. With managed UXP there's no need to procure software and hardware before committing to the solution, administration and maintenance are executed by experienced professionals and there is no upfront investment, you can pay as you go. Product improvements are free of charge, our solution is based on highly reliable AWS cloud that customers can customise, along with the possibility to select region to optimise latency and to conform to data sovereignty regulations.

Interested to know more?

For more information, please contact:

Adhele Tuulas

Head of Sales and Partnerships for Data Exchange