Interoperability UXP Data Privacy tools

Transparency-enhancing Access Tracking and Consent Management technologies for data protection compliance.

Privacy regulations such as the GDPR impel companies and governments to demonstrate their data transparency.

Our architecture supports de-centralized as well as centralized solutions. Each organization can decide for themselves, or one institution can oversee the access attempts across organizations. This makes our solutions fitting for various enterprises.

Access Tracking

Our new product Access Tracking (ATR) helps end-users monitor and trace who has accessed their data via interoperability platforms. Consequently, our product helps both the citizen who wants a better overview of processed data, and the organization who is under pressure to comply with privacy standards. For example, Access Tracking helps to follow the criteria set by GDPR article 15, which concerns the data subject’s access rights and information regarding the processing of their data, along with the general principle of transparency.

Consent Management System

While Access Tracking keeps the citizen informed about their data, our Consent Management System (CMS) goes one step further, and gives sovereignty over who can process ones’ data, back to the end user. Thus, via Consent Management System the data subject can decide by whom and for which purposes their data can be processed. CMS ensures that data are processed only for purposes agreed to by the citizen. Therefore, the general principles of purpose limitation and data minimization can be better followed. In addition, the data subject can retract their approval at any time and receive notifications about changes to terms. CMS helps to comply with multiple GDPR articles by providing means that help to follow the requirements technically and also organizationally, including articles 7 and 25, which regulate the conditions for consent and data protection by design and by default.

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UXP Data Privacy tools as a helping hand to comply with the GDPR

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