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Our offering

World-class research

Close cooperation with institutes, centres of excellence, public and private sector partners in Europe, United States and Japan. Development of security and privacy standards.

Analysis of complex systems

Security audit, security and risk analysis of complex cryptographic, digital or physical systems, including of their economical and social aspects.


Risk-based design and architecture of systems with a very high level of security. Access control, authentication and authenticity, private, public and hybrid clouds.


In-depth research on public key infrastructure (PKI), cryptographic protocols, post-quantum cryptography with a focus on internet voting, identity, privacy.

Data synthesis

Creating random test data for information system testing or anonymous research data based on real data. Combining synthesis with secure computing.

Legal aspects of IT

Study of how do new technologies fit in the legal regimes. Focus on legal aspects cybersecurity, privacy and identity technologies.

Machine learning

Applications of machine learning in cybersecurity and e-government. Privacy-preserving machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Privacy engineering

Development of Privacy Enhanced Business Process Modelling Notation and privacy leakage analysis and audit tools. Threat assessment and modelling of new systems.

Secure computing

Data analysis with end-to-end security using homomorphic cryptography, secure multi-party computation and trusted execution. Theory, frameworks and applications.

Zero knowledge

Proof of data and computation in the contexts of cybersecurity healthcare, identity and e-government.

Integrity technologies

Secure logging, timestamping, blockchain technologies.

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