Cybernetica to Research Cryptographic Algorithms and Possibilities for Their Implementation for Estonian Information System Authority

Cybernetica will research various cryptographic algorithms and their support in software libraries and information systems for Estonian Information System Authority. The goal of the research is to provide an overview and assessment of the current situation, search for possibilities and make future suggestions on the implementation of cryptographic algorithms.

The analysis will describe the cryptographic algorithms used in various software libraries and existing information systems and components, assess the strength of implemented crypotgraphic algorithms, including post-quantum algorithms, and advise on which algroithms to avoid using. Research results will serve as an input and an informative tool for, first and foremost, the public sector and policymakers, but also for parties engaged in the development and use of e-services.

„We are grateful for this acknowledgement that values our in-depth research in information and cybersecurity. It is substantial in terms of maintaining and strengthening the knowledge base around the state’s information security and the provision of e-services. In this project, we will go deeper in analysing cryptographic algorithms implemented in Estonia and their security. Among other tasks, we will give an overview of the changes in the security of algorithms and most common security protocols,“ explains Peeter Laud, Research Director at Cybernetica.

The research is funded from the EU structural funds support scheme „Raising Public Awareness about the Information Society“.