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“Long-term collaboration in the security testing of the SOPHiA GENETICS personalised healthcare platform, and development of novel security features.”

Why Cybernetica: a proven player

25 years of experience

25 years of experience in building future-proof technologies based on properiatry R&D.

35+ countries

Our technologies are used in 35+ countries globally.

Wide expertise

Wide expertise from secure data exchange to digital identity, i-voting & information security.

Proactive cybersecurity service

Become aware of and improve your cybersecurity posture.

Do you know which of your business assets are the most vulnerable and open to attack? Our team of experts will help you map your assets and test their security.

A systematic approach to information security

  • We assess and review your critical systems or components cybersecurity situation.

  • We can identify and map organisational assets and business processes, carrying out asset-based risk profiling.

  • We help your organisation in analysing existing or planning new information security management system.

  • We test your systems to identify vulnerabilities and provide suggestions for improvements.

“As we are developing and providing a safe business software service to thousands of companies and more than 65 000 users around the world, it is extremely important to keep our service 100 % tested and secure. Cybernetica has been a reliable partner in the penetration testing of Directo Business Software.”

Toomas Oper

Directo - Product Manager, and CISO

What we can do for you

Our team of experts will help you map your assets, assess and test their security.

Security Testing Services

Penetration Testing (pentesting)

Conducting a thorough manual security assessment of critical assets or their components from the attackers point of view. Suggesting a prioritised list of actions to be taken in order to fix critical issues and/or to improve the current security status of tested systems.

Cloud Security Testing

Assessing the strong and weak points in cloud-based systems and applications to improve the overall security level.

PCI Compliance Services

Testing applications with high security requirements covering PCI DSS requirements.

Source Code Review

Conducting a manual or automated review of application's source code to identify any existing security flaws or vulnerabilities.

Architecture Review

Identifying and highlighting all security weaknesses in the design of applications, networks, cloud environments etc. Findings can be used to re-architect or implement compensating controls to ensure areas of weakness are addressed.

Vulnerability Scan

Providing an initial assessment from the view of the external actor on the effectiveness of the security mechanisms implemented to protect an organisation or application against well-known security threats.

Assessment Services

Asset Discovery and Inventory

Identifying and mapping organisational assets and business processes, carrying out asset-based risks profiling.

Threat Audit

Providing an expert opinion on cybersecurity posture of a particular asset or set of assets.

Advisory Services

ISO 27001 Compliance Services

Consulting your organisation in understanding the standards, policies, procedures, documentation, risks, and gaps.

Access and Key Management Support

Helping to plan a new system or analysing existing system.

Tailored Services & Consultations

Various consultations and services tailored to fit client’s specific needs: Network Design, Data Protection, Secure Systems and Security Engineering, Crypt- and Cryptoanalysis.

“Coop Estonia is Estonia's oldest and biggest group in retail trade, having nearly 70,000 client-owners. Cybernetica has been a reliable partner for PCI DSS compliance testing of Coop Estonia shops in 2022. Project was completed successfully.”

Kaspar Hioväin

Chief Information Officer, Coop Estonia

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