Cybersecurity ensured by experts that are incapable of building insecure systems.

Cybersecurity offering

Our goal

Cybernetica's Cybersecurity Department provides cybersecurity risk management functions as a service in order to help organisations be aware of and improve their cybersecurity situation.

A fresh perspective

Choosing optimal cybersecurity solutions requires skills and experience. However, only a few organisations can afford and assemble a dedicated team of experts. Regardless of the organisation's cybersecurity capabilities, it is advised to support a security system with outsourced security assessment functions (like audits) to get a fresh perspective on the current system.

Our capabilities

Our team of cybersecurity experts is capable of assessing an organisation's web, mobile, and desktop applications, as well as cloud environments and applications, networks, IoT devices, and production management equipment (SCADA). Services provided are suitable for all organisations, irrespective of organisational maturity.

What we can do for you

Cybernetica provides a systematic approach to information security. We will assess your current cybersecurity situation and offer consulting on the creation of an information security management system. We can also carry out an asset inventory to determine the critical assets that need to be protected, and suggest improvements to current system designs and components.

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