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Institutional Research Funding project IUT27-1

In this project we continue our work on mutually complementing theoretical and practical aspects of information systems’ security. The main directions of the project are

  1. Secure Multiparty Computation,
  2. Structured Risk Assessment of information and related systems,
  3. Internet voting.

Our work will result in much greater practicality of privacy-preserving computations also in areas where they are currently not considered at all, based on much-improved cryptographic protocols and ways of combining these. It will result in new and better, empirically verified methods for deriving the attack scenarios against, and measuring the security of information systems and designing secure systems on this basis. It will also result in different practical i-voting protocol sets that have formally verified security properties. The properties of each protocol are well-aligned with the expectations of the community that uses it.

Project is funded by Estonian Research Council.