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Novel tools for Analyzing Privacy LEakageS

A crucial challenge in the development of mission-critical enterprise systems is striking a trade-off between security and privacy assurance on the one hand, and the ability for users to obtain the information they need to achieve the organization’s goals. The NAPLES (Novel tools for Analyzing Privacy LEakageS) project will demonstrate how to seamlessly add security analysis and optimization capabilities on top of Business Process Management tools.

The main outcome will be a tool that takes as input process models with privacy metadata (which it may compute itself), and analyzes these models to detect unintentional disclosures of private data and to quantify the leakage of private information through the outputs of the process. Where privacy leakages are discovered, the tool will identify possible counter-measures. The tool will generate reports that explain to data owners the maximum extent of possible leakage of their private data, making it easier to certify the system as secure and private.

Project is funded by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).