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Ettevõtte küberturvalisus. Investeeri ennetusse - tagajärgedega tegelemine on kallim

This webinar is in collaboration with Directo who provide business software. At the webinar, Directo's CISO Toomas Oper and our Head of Cybersecurity Sander Valvas talk about the common cybersecurity threats and prevention methods that apply to every company, be it a large corporation or a company with 10-100 employees. The webinar is in Estonian.

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Data Synthesis and Privacy Enhancement Technologies

Working with sensitive data calls for enhanced privacy and protection of data owners. Our team of experts came together for a webinar discussion about privacy enhancement technologies.

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Workshop: the future of interoperability and secure data exchange

Workshop on the core future trends in interoperability and secure data exchange with real-life case studies and how to prepare for the future. Speakers include Cybernetica's legal team and experts from our Data Exchange Technologies department.

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Webinar on Digital Identity

Re-watch our webinar on digital identity, the technology we offer and its power. Speakers include our CEO Oliver Väärtnõu and Head of Digital Identity Technologies Kaija Kirch.

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