Young Talents in the Spotlight - Internship as a Software Tester

The season of internship is about to start, and many students are looking for future career opportunities. It’s very important to us, at Cybernetica, to get to know our potential team members.

To shed light on our interns’ experience, and give some insight into, what it’s like to go through internship at Cybernetica, we put together a blog series. In this post, we’ll focus on the position of Software Tester. We will talk to our interns, and full-time employees now, Evelin and Siim, who were so kind to share their stories. So, let us guide you through their expectations, thoughts, and results from the internship.

How Privacy Enhancing Technologies Affect Business Processes

Deploying secure multiparty computation techniques is seldom a straightforward replacement of how things are done at the moment and enable collaborations considered impossible so far. It is a complex process as privacy requirements, and technological solutions are deeply interleaved. Hence, we need tools to weigh the options and discuss changes in a process in an easily understandable manner.

7 Guidelines for Risk Management

Information security management, risk assessment and risk management get a lot of attention in the business circles - so much so that sometimes it seems a tower too high to climb. We have listed seven practical guidelines to take into account regarding information security in any company.

Risk Assessment - Science or Art?

In our everyday lives, we have to manage risks constantly. Going down the stairs there is a possibility to slip and fall, riding a car may get you into an accident, the groceries you buy may be out of date and give you food poisoning.

And yet, despite all the risks, you do take the stairs, get into a car and eat. Why on Earth?

Can Toddlers Use Digital Identity?

Recently, during an eID ecosystem demo, a presenter took the Estonian national eID card of her two year old toddler and did log into the Estonian State Portal - to demonstrate the endless possibilities of Estonian eID ecosystem to our honourable guests. These possibilities are endless, indeed.